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T4G, Rachael Denhollander, and Maintaining Our Testimony


     I registered a few weeks ago for Together for the Gospel 2018. I felt ambivalent about it for a long time, which explains why I waited so long to register in the first place. I felt that the 2016 conference was overshadowed for me by the specter of sexual abuse allegations and cover up within the Sovereign Grace Ministries camp. I wrote a brief piece about it back then and I think it bears reposting now.

     Read the original post here.

     The need for the organizers of T4G to address this issue at some level has been made more urgent by the interview that Rachael Denhollander gave to Christianity Today, published online on January 31st, in which she clearly identifies her denouncing of a perceived cover-up of a sexual abuse scandal within Sovereign Grace Ministries and her advocacy of the victims of that abuse, as proximate causes of her being ostracized from her church (not a SGM church itself, but one in apparent sympathy with the SGM leadership).

     The need for some level of communication was recognized in 2013 by The Gospel Coalition. They published a written statement by D.A. Carson, Kevin DeYoung, and Justin Taylor, explaining their silence on the whole issue. It was a well-written, clear, and, to my thinking, entirely satisfactory piece. I did not come away from it with all my questions answered, but I did come away with a sense that the right questions were being asked by the right people and being addressed at the necessary levels.

     I urge the T4G leadership to address the situation in a similar way, especially given C.J. Mahaney’s prominence in the conference.

     Not addressing the issue leaves an (unjust) shadow over Mahaney and leaves him open to the charge of not being “above reproach” (I Timothy 3:2) and he certainly is not being “well thought of by outsiders” (I Timothy 3:7). He deserves a fuller, more public vindication.

     This whole thing has gone on too long now. The “way of truth” is being “blasphemed” (II Peter 2:2). It’s time to clear the air.

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